Cabo Delgado Parks

Project Overview

Cabo Delgado Parks, the hub of industrial innovation across Montepuez, Balama, Ancuabe, and Palma districts, with a logistics base in Pemba, approached me for a digital transformation. As a vital component of MozParks and a key player in the African Sustainable Economic Zone Alliance (ASEZA), CD Parks aims to achieve three critical objectives: accelerate economic development, promote youth employment, and foster the green economy.

Our collaboration involved WordPress website design, where I translated the essence of CD Parks into a digital space. In tandem with this, my strategic Art Direction ensured a visual narrative that harmonises with CD Parks’ mission and standing within the ASEZA network.

This partnership wasn’t just about a website; it was about creating a digital presence that resonates with the innovative spirit of Cabo Delgado Parks.

Cabo Delgado Parks

Agro Processing

Art Direction
Web Design

August 2023


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